Young Adult Bedroom Colors

Young adults are often at a crossroads in their lives. They’re old enough to be responsible and have careers, or sometimes even families of their own, yet young enough to want their lives to be filled with fun and games. Decorating a young adult’s bedroom with this in mind, and choose a color scheme that is grown up yet not boring or stuffy

If retro style suits your personality, try using a color scheme of orange, gold and brown.These earthy colors are reminiscent of the 70s yet are also warm and modern. Groovy, large-scale florals hit the spot with this style, and avocado or olive green works especially well when worked into this color scheme. If you like, turn up the sophistication a notch by going with mainly solid colors and subtle patterns at most.

Bold and Bright
Tune in to your wild side with bold, funky brights. Think hot pink, lime green, orange and aqua. Choose any two for a clean, bold look, or mix and match all four colors to take your room on a wild ride. Not for the faint of heart, the bold and bright look is energetic and fun, ideal for the life of a party or the artist with a brave, confident sense of color.


Peaceful Retreat
Give yourself a little slice of spa heaven in your own room. Soft, calm colors found in nature will relax and rejuvenate you at the same time. Try cream and tan with either soft celery green, spa blue or muted, pale coral. Keep the colors soft and the surrounding area uncluttered.

For a young man’s room, choose up-to-date yet traditionally masculine color combinations, such as dark blue and gray, black and red, tan and green, dark blue and orange, gray and orange or brown and blue. Mix in a third color, and use the brightest of the three to add little shots of color throughout the room. For example, to the blue and gray color scheme add orange, and use the orange sparingly yet strategically throughout the room.

Girls just want to have fun, but they also like a little romance. To please a young lady’s fun side, go bright and bold with royal purple and hot pink. Or for a more romantic room, choose pale pink and pale green or pale green with pale coral. Metallic gold and silver are always pretty and feminine; silver and lavender is another soft, pretty color combination.