You said a chandelier design high tech?

LU Murano has created a new alternative of impressive chandeliers glass. Was well ahead the chandelier design named TechnoLUgy – piece made ​​of carbon fiber. The most surprising aspect creations carbon lightness of the final product. The original versions in glass weighing up to 10 times longer and are much more fragile. This amazing chandelier was designed by Fabio Fornasier after a thorough research and many experiments. The new product LU Murano is a contemporary object that retains a traditional feel.

Dining Room Chandelier

Aside from being extremely lightweight, TechnoLUgy is an artistic work and high technology. Although carbon fiber is not transparent like glass, there are many variations in colors, textures and patterns. The high strength of carbon fiber also makes it very adaptable to different interiors, such as yachts and mobile homes .

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