Wood beams in the blanket and in the interior – a house in the brine Tahoe

timber beam covers living rooms modern white

The designers from Aspen Leaf Interiors have a pleasant single-family house in the brine Tahoe, California sketched which impresses with an elegant interior arrangement. The big wood beams in the blanket are distributed asymmetric over the living-room and lend a rural charm to the modern interior. The ceiling beams stand completely in the harmony with the wood pieces of furniture for the equipment and produce therefore a harmonious general view of the space.

timber beam covers comfortably chandelier for living room

The luxury single-family house is sketched with a spacious living-room in the ground floor which includes a pleasant living area, a television room, a kitchen with bar and an eating area. As an optical Highlight in the interior, the wood beams serve in the blanket which produces a pleasant atmosphere in the space. Out of the wood beams, the blankets of shin installation spotlights and elegant chandeliers are formed. Wide terrace doors and roof lights get additional light in the big space and let the white walls and blankets shine particularly intensely. 


timber beam covers dining-room rooflight chandelier timber beam covers interieur living room kitchen dining area timber beam covers interieur white kitchen modern timber beam covers terrace door bedroom terrace timber beam front lining single family house pool wood covers bathroom glass partition wood furniture bathroom under cabinet elegantly wood furniture bedroom built-in cabinet fire-place bath wood furniture bedroom built-in cabinet television wood furniture bedrooms small window light wood furniture massage area single family house luxury wood furniture terrace door massage area pool range wood furniture white children's room floor bed leader knows