White wall color in combination with other fresh colours

Why should you not completely paint the walls of your Office in white color The colors are in the position to influence various aspects of our lives. According to a research of the University of Texas, a not very favorable atmosphere in the Office is created by the white color. This applies especially strongly, if you work in an Office with many other colleagues. In the Home Office which is probably also not the best choice.

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In our today’s article, the images show many examples of wall decoration in white color. These are always complemented other shades. The white wall paint brings freshness and feeling of purity with it. However, she can not much affect alone the effectiveness of your room decor. For this reason, it would be apt to combine the white, which can charge us with energy one shade.

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Before we begin to discuss various color combinations, we would like to make a comment. It’s pretty individual, how much a color affect us during the work or any other activity. This is very different. According to the same research of the University of Texas, some people can be at all does not greatly influence. In a larger team, there will be but again and again people which can be influenced by this. Learn from this reason, dear, which further the effectiveness of colors, which this opposite are neutral and which block the creativity and effectiveness.

Combine white wall paint ceiling paint pink home office wall colors

Not only the primary white wall color is bad for the concentration. This also applies to the related shades. Bright white or silver are no better for work efficiency. The different shades of light blue seems best for creativity. The colors are able to provoke many different emotions within the team. Look at the following pictures and comments is to do so.

Combine white wall paint office interior design ideas wall colors

The red color helps us to pay attention to the details. It has a certain physical effect. It increases the blood pressure and the heart beat can be. So, we promote the effectiveness by the red color, but at the same time, red can reinforce feelings of competition and aggressiveness in the team. You have to be very creative in many offices. If that also is the case for you, you should consider the blue into consideration. In addition to the creativity, they promote as the rest of the team with the blue paint.

Combine white wall color office home office wall colors

The yellow is a color of which we should advise you strongly. Many people love yellow because it radiates an optimistic mood and appeals to the senses. Yellow is however not really suitable at the Office. The yellow color can make one nervous. People tend to in yellow rooms, to be rapidly impatient.

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