What you should consider when your roses decoration in any case

Everybody wants a nice decoration of roses time to have at home. This is great, but also not little costs. Here, it can happen that the flowers wither after only a few hours. This should no longer happen to you! We’ll tell you some tricks which make the Roses properly hold?

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The occasions

The Roses decoration has a special character. Also at the upscale events you can’t go wrong as well as this. For this reason, it is important for many people to understand how you could virtually take care of them. We tell you our article today.


First however noted that the directly-picked roses usually for the decoration are the worse idea. Rather buy it from a dealer. He will know exactly how he has to handle the flowers so that they can sustain longer.

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Buy less decoration

Buy the roses for the decoration without any additional jewelry. If this is simple with it, remove it. In principle the accessories ensure that the flowers wither faster.


The water must be not too cold

Insert the roses in vases with water, which is not too cold. It must have room temperature. The Roses have difficulties to absorb very cold water. It is also important that the leaves in the water are. It is also important for the sustainability of these flowers.

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Pure water

Also the cleanliness of the water is of fundamental importance for the long life of the Rosen-decoration. This must be changed at least once per day. This avoids that is many bad micro-organisms enter.

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Rose rods cut off and remove the rotten flowers

For the fresh look of the flower decoration, it is important that the rods are cut regularly. Do this with a matching pair of sharp scissors. About 2 cm are to remove. In addition, remove the dry and rotten flowers and parts of plants in a timely manner.

Roses decorate autumn pumpkin tischdeko chrysanthemums

Put the vase on the right place

The places where you the Roses decoration position, for their endurance of fundamental importance. The temperature there may neither too high, be too low. The sunlight must fall directly on the roses.

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Dry roses decoration

Yes, the Roses could withstand more than a few days too. To do this, they must be in a dried State. Search for matching techniques and see examples. If you find them appealing, then these are a very good way certainly, to have at home for a long time great roses decoration.

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Roses pink yellow deco glass vase cut flowers

Roses wedding deco decoration Table decoration

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