Walls of Wood for Modern Homes

In this article, we want to show you a room can be as creative and weird, if it emphasizes the design on something interesting. You can decide for many different accents, for example, a Flash of color or an extravagant ornaments. And what do you think about wood wall? At first that sounds you maybe a little strange… Wood walls create a certain atmosphere in the room. You are not fit to all interiors. Now, we show you a few examples of perfect room design with wooden wall. Maybe you will find inspirational ideas for your own home.

wooden wall in the bedroom

This wooden wall is a super choice for the bathroom. The contrasting colors of the wall and the bathtub are really nice. Also, wood creates a natural atmosphere, what brings good feelings in the bathroom.

bathroom wooden wall


Wooden walls appear beautiful in addition to marble. See this photo on – the marble fireplace and the warm colour of the wood wall extraordinarily well suited to image all over the room.

bedroom with walls made of wood

bedrooms wooden wall

betteb bedrooms with two and wooden wall

dining room with a wood wall

elegant living room wooden wall

fireplace living room wooden wall

Great living room with a wood wall

hallway wooden wall

holzwand large living room

large living room wall window wood

large living room wooden wall

living room furniture white wood wall

living room with a wood wall

luxury apartment wooden wall

luxury living room wooden wall

modern living room wooden wall

nice bed and wooden wall in the bedroom

nursery wooden wall

small bedroom with wooden wall

walls of wood

wamd of wood in the living room

wooden wall in the bedroom with large bed

wooden wall in the living room modern equipment