Wall organization of stone wall of the bedroom – an apartment in Kiev

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The designers from the Ukrainian architecture studio YoDezeen have a modern apartment with open living drafts in Kiev, the Ukraine sketched. The predominantly dark equipment looks noble and stylish and produces a dramatic effect on the interior. As a Highlight in the open spaces, a black stone wall is considered in the bedroom which harmonizes with the wall color and the interior arrangement perfectly.
bedroom stone-wound open living concept black winding organization
Although the apartment disposes of a whole floor space of almost 90 square meters, the designers have decided on an open draft with the spatial arrangement. They have formed the spacious house, besides, as an Einraumwohnung with kitchen, Living, eating area and sleep area without partitions. The single room divider in the interior is a modern bookshelf from steel between a living room and eating area. With the equipment dark sounds, with black predominate in the leading part. Therefore, the noble stone wall adapts itself to the sleeping area perfectly in the interior.
bedroom black dramatic effect stone-wound bedroom black stone-wound interieur in room apartment bedroom facility stone-wound black panorama windows bedroom stone-wound black winding organization modern bedroom stone-wound one-room apartment modern black furnished bedroom winding organization stone-wound black stones dramatic facility black covers panorama windows dramatic facility black grey bathroom glass doors dramatic facility grey bath black bath ceramic dramatic facility kitchen seizeless black fronts dramatic facility living room black sofa brown armchairs dramatic facility living room black sofa panorama window kitchen arranges window built in black tap one-room apartment facility sketch open living concept stone-wound bedroom natural stone-wound black modern