Wall decoration with plants – LivePicture refreshes the air and ambience

Live Picture called the work, which we want to introduce you today. Feel free to draw inspiration for the design of your premises. So, the idea has also been thought? Green walls with real plants are relatively young in the interior design. You are always popular and popular.

Wall decoration with plants exhibition designer

People who have decided to go this route, once can no longer leave it. Because nothing in the world can contribute for a more natural appearance as something. What can you actually more appropriate in a living room sipping coffee imagine?

Wall decoration with plants live picture


You will also find more and more space in public places, such as restaurants and Cafés, the diversity of species, which can be used for the design of such green projects is very large. So you could depending on desire or experience for Replenishes or such species decide, which require more care. What is so special then the LivePicture and why we want to present this project, ask yourself?Wall decoration flower wall colors with plants

This is a type of institution, which can be purchased ready and that makes things easier. You practically have the frame ready for your green wall project and need to fill it only with the corresponding plants. 
You can buy these frames in various shapes and sizes. So it can be adjusted to any room. Living plants are not only beautiful look, they make the air fresh and clean you are super fit also for people that love alone remain like a few minutes sipping coffee, dinner or any other occasion a few minutes.

Wall decoration lighting with lamps plants

Do you have for example a space in which you like to exercise yoga or sonsitge type of meditation? You know, how big is the difference, if you have lots of green there, which you can enjoy, or? Make the walls with LivePicture and already you will be closer to the feeling, which have the people in the open air.

Wall decoration with plant wall design ideas

Why do actually not, apply a few spices on the wall in the kitchen? That would be nice for all the senses and super convenient, isn’t it? And even if there is no such designs at your local manufacturers like LivePicture, the project is certainly easy to imitate…

Wall decoration with plants orange wall colors

Wall decoration wall design with plants garden

Wall decoration with plant design nature

Wall decoration with plants live picture frame picture

Wall decoration with plants succulent ideas

Wanddeko garden agile vertically with plant

Wanddeko garden up to the ceiling with plants

Wanddeko set living room with plants