Wall decoration with patchwork

One technique that always remains is the patchwork effect, which gives the rooms a bedroom and personal charm. But this trend has spread to other decorative aspects, including the walls. We will see some elements of the decoration of walls with patchwork.


The patchwork is a technique traditionally used for making blankets, rugs and quilts, textiles old clippings advantage. Initially used by the common people, this technique will allow to create beautiful compositions with pieces of fabric colors similar and different designs, which were gaining popularity.



To achieve the decoration of walls with patchwork, you can use two ways, the simplest, buy wallpaper with design patchwork , and difficult to create yourself patchwork from different pieces of decorative paper that must combine in a nice way and harmonious.
The patchwork walls are mainly used in the decoration of bedrooms and living rooms, but also can be used in kitchens and dining rooms . The secret is in the refilling of environments, so we recommend only the most visible papered wall of the room and painting the rest with the main tone of your patchwork, but pastel version, to highlight the composition.

With this touch and refinish some old furniture, you can make settings so welcoming vintage, following the new trends in interior decoration.