Vertical garden on your terrace

In our homes, one of the best ways to maximize space in a garden is to think vertically. While it may have its challenges, when properly implemented vertical gardening will allow you to grow more vegetables, create a shade canopy, or even provide a stunning focal point.

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Who wants to give up the joy and vitality they bring to our house plants? However small our balconies and terraces, we can always find attractive accommodation for our plants and even involve us in welcoming upholstered green and flowers decoraren the environment.

To start and, since we start to have small spaces is always best to resort to hanging baskets: roof, wall, window or the railing of our balcony, we always provide a pleasant visual effect without us having to occupy a space needed for furniture or simply moved.


In different sizes and materials, we can find plenty of hanging baskets. If you’re a fan of the “do it yourself” and you care about the environment can be inspired by these hanging baskets made ​​from plastic bottles. In My House explains how.
But if we go further in our quest to be surrounded by plants, we can build vertical gardens: The best way to support small spaces and the proliferation of plants around us.

One of the ideas that seduced me is to make our vertical garden from pallets allowing us to reuse materials, and adapt in size and finishes to our tastes and needs. In Ikkaro can learn how to do a budget. Following the idea of reusing and DIY in Crafts & Aficcionesnos explain step by step how to build our vertical container garden from a plastic box and a bag and how it evolves. And if you do not know that a plastic shoe, you can always become a vertical planter any corner of the terrace.

You can also build your vertical garden from gutters to install on the wall or hanging baskets, from this video tutorial. I like the idea of ​​the gutters to enjoy an urban garden where you plant your lettuce or tomatoes if you have a patio or deck with a good sunny wall.
We’ll see how far we have time and desire to undertake any ideas to accommodate the plants in our small terrace, but after seeing all these proposals is clear that we will always find a corner for them.

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Vertical garden on balcony

Vertical garden on terrace

Vertical Gardening


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