Tips for decorating the room of your new adoptee

When a friend adopted two children was an event the whole family treasured. Beyond the interviews, paperwork and visits, this young family spent many weeks lovingly planning and decorating a cozy bedroom for her two new sons. Of course, there are some special considerations in this situation. So recently consulted Sass Stanfield for a decorating idea for kids rooms being taken.


Sass said that decorating a new member of the family, as my friend found out, is a wonderful way to use the time to “wait” before the adoption is finalized. However, the child’s age is an important factor in the amount and type of decoration should be addressed both before and after the date of adoption.

Many of their suggestions are also applicable to adoptive parents, grandparents or relatives who have custody of a child and stepparent who bring a new child in the family as part of his new marriage. Whatever the situation, however, these tips on how to prepare for a child’s room newcomer should help ease the transition.


Here are several common situations making ideas to consider.

Babies and young children:
For babies and young children, of course, the room can be completed soon. Whether you need to plan the room on a budget or can spend on a room ‘s luxury, keep in mind that is child proof and some basic safety considerations.

Have a good time in the room, perhaps using a cheerful decorating theme that stimulates a child’s imagination. Equip a cabinet or shelves for storage, leaving room for toys and clothing that can bring a small child. So having these things around during the adjustment period.


Children 4-8:
Bright colors (red, yellow, blue and green) are a good choice for younger children, Sass said, as children age is positively influenced by the primary colors. Walls can be painted soon, but it may be better to let some of the decorating touches until the child arrives.

Children in the range of 4-8 can be excited about their new room, so get them involved asking for your help to choose a quilt (maybe give them a few preset options), wallpaper borders and accessories.


It will be a good opportunity for parents and children work together on a project, and allow children to put their “stamp” in space – either literally decorate your walls with rubber stamps, hand prints, sports accessories, theme or their favorite Disney character. Also, be sure to provide storage options for toys or favorite books can be given a place of honor on arrival.