Tinker with doilies for attractive DIY decorations

Who are romantic decorations, can not go wrong with tip. A place to feel the nostalgic atmosphere did Creates the tip, makes any interior. Because not everyone can crochet or simply has no time to do so, finished fabrics can use. Doilies are particularly well suited. We have compiled some original ideas to the tinkering with doilies did you can make love to. You will be amazed, what neat things with this Tischdeckchen can be made.

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Lamps, great lighting and shadow effects on the wall, throw, are particularly attractive. If you use doilies to the crafting of seeking vintage lamp, you get Exactly this effect and ran thus a great decoration for any room. You will need Several doilies and around balloon or a ball and wallpaper glue DEPENDING on the size of the lamp. Blow up the balloon, or, take the ball and put the first mats if you tinker with this doilies idea . While you hold it, you sprinkle’s abundant with the wallpaper glue until it is completely Call Call soaked. Then add the next doilies add, whereby this overlap the previous, and so on. Let everything dry thoroughly. Pierce the ball or balloon then, remove it from the inside and add version and light bulb.

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As I said, can choose the lamp in any size. You can use this ball THEREFORE to improve an old floor lamp or table lamp. Simply remove the old lamp shade and replace them with the ball from doilies. No special skills or money are needed to make lamps with doilies. Another variation for a lamp is the shape of a hemisphere. This is a good alternative THEREFORE if you have insufficient doilies, form a whole ball. You need again a balloon and doilies, Which You Can colorize to tinkering with doilies. To connect, proceed as in the previous example.

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You can use original enough, the shape of a hemisphere so make decorative bowls. The bowls look best if you use always a whole doily. To the tinkering with doilies can glue together if need be but again Several doilies, to get big bowls. Quite particularly attractive, the bowls work if you colorize them Previously. Use food coloring to any shade and dip only the outer rim in the color. The ombre effect automatically, if the color a bit Further spreads inwards. The more often They Appear, de color Becomes more powerful. Allow the doily for 24 hours to dry before you tinker Further with doilies.

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Now, you need back wallpaper glue, you give the best in a bowl as well as plastic wrap and a plastic or metal bowl to the tinkering with doilies of any size. Wrap the bowl with foil to protect the adhesive. Completely immerse the doily into the adhesive, allow to drain him briefly and spread out evenly the doily on the Bowl on the head, where the adhesive to dry now.

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You can use the same form to tinkering with doilies, if you want to make pie bells. Secure yet only a possible light button or knob, raise the Bell Better to. Keep in mind that the stitches and holes be as small as possible, so did no insects through, while you drink coffee in the open air. Small bowls can be used just as well as Windlich and attractive way to decorate the table. As described above proceed to tinker with doilies. If you do not trust, to light a real candle would not burn to make the fabric, use simple artificial LED candles. Dreamcatchers are a popular decoration. The accessory Originating from the Indians can be made Quickly and Easily if you use doilies. You need THEREFORE a wooden ring, as well as different bands, Possibly feathers, and yarn. Learn about how to proceed Exactly, if you tinker with doilies, dreamcatcher the following.

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You can wrap the wooden ring with a ribbon or yarn if you make this project with doilies. The doily is tightly clamped then with same yarn in the ring. You bind to the bottom of the fabric strips, chains, ring springs or other suitable things fixed and above one cord for hanging.

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Because synthesis Dreamcatchers are made easy and fast, you can use the idea to the tinkering with doilies, if you are still looking for a suitable gift for someone. So use fabric scraps, and will receive a special decoration for your home. A great variation to the tinkering with doilies. You want to original table runners, Which highlights the table in a special way? Then, you create a patchwork of different doilies did you can colorize Previously So once again. Create a colorful design or choose shades of color. You can sew together the single doily to tinkering with doilies, or you can use glue.

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Colorize small doilies and glue them on any canvas designed to obtain interesting decorations for the wall. So this idea to the tinkering with doilies is perfect as a gift, and can be extended by logos and wishes. Like, you can choose as a larger canvas and combine multiple doilies, as has been done in our cover photo. Paper and materials can be designed Individually if a stamp is used. You can, Whether you believe it or not, are manufactured with doilies. So You will need a roll of dough and glue. You receive the Following the instructions to the tinkering with doilies.

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The roll of dough is coated with glue and then covered with the doilies. Proceed Gradually here. It is important that the doilies at the end are so cut, so did the two ends do not overlap, but form a uniform “Fugue”. Sprinkle the role at the end once again with wallpaper glue to seal everything well and already, you can begin to tinker with doilies. With this stamp role, you can decorate different things now. Both wrapping paper can now be customized as walls or even furniture. The pattern ran thus will receive the popular shabby look, Because The color looks worn out. Even beginners can Easily crafts with doilies!

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As already Mentioned, you do not have on top, just because you can not crochet. Some finished Spitz doilies can be used for various purposes Because they have already a very decorative look. How about a search apron? Every housewife did is huge to happy. The doilies are simply uniting to tinkering with doilies sewn, even beginners can create.

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