The spiral staircase – history, features and designs

When we write about architecture and art, we try to remain always right on the ground. We would like to that you learn things from our articles that apply at home are you. Just the practice but showed us that an issue in the wider context must be considered so that it is understood pretty well. This concerns also the analysis and selection of specific components. Today, we try to show this to you based on the spiral staircase.

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Stick with it, learn more about the history of the spiral staircase and see how all this knowledge can assist you when integrating this element into the interior design! Many centuries ago they saw the benefits of the use of the spiral staircase. These stairs proved themselves in the first place in the defense. It was attackers of fortresses extremely difficult to climb and conquer the fortress. Now you understand why most medieval towers have a spiral staircase?

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Time you started to appreciate this form always higher. In an open space and with sufficiently broad masses the spiral stairs look uniquely beautiful. The considerations for use of spiral stairs in the modern home are so mainly aesthetic. Talent and craft skills are of course needed so that they are not only beautiful, but quite easy. For this reason, the spiral stairs are regarded today as a sign of luxury life.

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The corkscrew-shape is not the only Variant

The most well-known appearance of the spiral staircase is a corkscrew. Already in the middle ages you on but occasionally breaks it down. This was mostly because it had to adapt the stair construction in tricky places.

The staircases can have different spins. There are the half-, quarter – and the three quarter turn, and many other less common forms. These are mostly with the area together and the different directions in which the stairs goes.

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In the middle ages, stone spiral staircases were made. In palaces and lighthouses can be found sufficient evidence. The more the technologies and tastes have evolved, we experience the more variety in this respect.

The security must play a leading role in the spiral staircase. As we said just now, it’s a construction that is not very convenient. To avoid hazards and accidents, the area should avoid the risk of slipping and provide more security through secure railing.

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