The right choice for Plants in the bathroom

Many are of the opinion that the bathroom is not the place to go for vibrant plants. For this reason they prefer this space to decorate with artificial flowers. Mostly we focus on decoration for images that we have seen in magazines. But hardly anyone has the courage to turn his bathroom in a tropical paradise. These do not need much. You just have to let your imagination run wild and you can transform your bathroom into a relaxing place to the fullest. In the bathroom usually occur for short periods of elevated temperature and humidity, followed by a longer, cooler climate.

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This is especially true in winter when the heater is not constantly running. Often the windows are small, and there is little light into the space. The plants in the bathroom have to make do with the kinds of cosmetic talc and sanitation is often used scented sprays, different. And all that makes the life of the plant is not really easier.

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For plants in the bathroom a place should be chosen on the not approach the splash of the shower, as well as various detergents or cleaning agents. Thus, the region is around the tub is not a suitable and safe place, because the plants would be constantly wet there and usually the light is at its lowest. Use as a place for the plants in the bathroom as possible the window sill, especially if there are thriving. In the darker areas of the bathroom, you can make decorative foliage plants, set up as the asparagus fern or the Aspidistra, unzwar best in front of a mirror. So they get twice as much light, if only reflected. In this way they also look more voluminous.

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The Ivy Kletterphilodendron and other stable plants are ideally suited for higher shelves. In this way, the leaves can be pretty fall down. If you have enough space available, you can get some flowering plants in the bathroom on the shelf before, or, put under the mirror, and on a side table or a table top. These are, for the Saintpaulia or the Kalanchoe. Select it pretty for these flower pots whose color matches that of the bathroom. Unfortunately, these flowers live but not for long and must be replaced after a few weeks.

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The flowers that you have chosen to decorate the wettest room in your house, need a more specialized care. Once a week, the leaves must be wiped with a damp cloth. Since plants accumulate more easily with fluffy leaves the dust, you should avoid such for the bathroom. If have accumulated too much spray, paint or other means on the plants, it is best if you rinse under running water. This is especially advantageous if you have many plants, since it would take a long time to wash each sheet. Should you watch soap, shampoo or toothpaste on a sheet, you must remove it immediately. Due to the weak light, it may happen that the plants in the bathroom turn towards the window. Is that also the case for you, do not forget to turn the pots regularly.

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If you find that the plants in the bathroom no longer look like this well despite your attention, make it easy for a month or two out and they will revive quickly. After that, you can then put back into the bathroom.

It can even be hard to find suitable plants for a small, cool bathroom with a tiny window. For such a bathroom are the best plants with smooth leaves. Here again mentioned the Kletterphilodendron. It is even often referred to in the U.S. as “The plant for the bathroom.” Equally well suited as plants in the bathroom of Scindapsus and Cissus. Since you will not find a suitable place on the floor in the small bathroom, place them on the window sill or select flower pots, which can be mounted on the wall.

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Is your bathroom more spacious and has larger windows, you can choose between a lot more plants and also the possibilities for setting up the pots are more. Individual plants like a palm tree or the Benjamini will transform the room into a cozy oasis. Another nice option for plants in the bathroom is to make the whole window green or a small garden of asparagus fern, ivy, ferns Purpurtute or outside the window.

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Some also like to plant in the bathroom at around the tub. But these places are not particularly cheap, especially if you have small children. A large and well-lit bathroom can be transformed into a paradise, when it is well heated regularly. In this case, you can also enige exotic plants such as anthurium, the Korbmaranthe, Kaladien or select the arrowroot. Furthermore, the bromeliads and many other moisture-loving plants thrive under such conditions well. With them, you can make a real jungle. However, please remember that they also take more attention, care and thus time.

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Even in the choice of flower pots for the plants in the bathroom , you should be aware of. Woven baskets are particularly well suited as Bluemntöpfe for Victorian-style bathroom. Does your bathroom a more modern design and modern décor, you’d better choose metal pots or those made ​​of plastic.

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If you have a large plant in the bathroom and also want to have enough space for it, you can choose between Japanese Zimmeraralie, the philodendron leaves and the window. Among the climbing plants are best suited to the Kletterphilodendron, small-leaved ivy and the Pothos. Especially nice and lush palm trees, the shoemaker, the Aglaonema or the delicate mountain palm, which can be found not only in the bathroom, but also in small rooms.

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