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Takes note of the developments leading design firms intend to get a shower … Perfect! In this part several weeks we have been claiming the importance of faucets and fittings in the decoration. First we did a good review of developments and trends in the kitchen faucets . Then it was the turn of the bathroom faucets . And in both cases we have seen that the possibilities are many, varied and original.


ended that series of taps (for the moment, of course), with shower faucets. An item that has been gradually gaining importance. Because few gestures are so relaxing like putting water under running hot every day.
More so if offers several types of jet , depending on water outlets. That’s what it offers, for example, Table-Three, shower kit signature Three Taps. You can opt for a relaxing waterfall, massage jets or rain shower provided with dimensions of 550 mm x 280 mm and made ​​of stainless material and resistant to corrosion.
The thermostatic system provides great comfort to this product. Regarding design, simplicity of lines forms a product suitable for any space and adaptable to different styles of bathroom.

Very similar aesthetics are the two new models to the Italian company Gessi throws our country. ‘Private Wellness’ are multifunction showers rain waterfall-wall spray chrome finish. In modern interiors, can replace any sprinkler installation without further.
models differ because one of them carries a rod for the user to choose the system they prefer, rain or waterfall: one multifunction solution output circuit. The other, allows the user to change the spray of rain cascading through a thermostatic control.

Meanwhile, Ideal Standard has Idealrain, a range that includes minikit shower, shower column and overhead shower and simple clean lines. The goal: to claim that “less is more.
The minikit has a head with a very particular with a slim body. It also boasts one of the market flatter hand showers. And you can install flow control water consumption reduces high pressure systems up to eight liters.
Idealrain The shower column is suitable for all types of facilities and combined hand shower with a fixed shower Slimline. Regarding the overhead shower is a perfect complement to the hand shower and can be installed either on the wall or ceiling.


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