The Importance Of Light As A Creative Space

¬†Good lighting can give life to the duller environments and can soothe other saturated and loaded. The light can change a suitable space, distribution, weight … and can create unforgettable moments. A simple candles can transform a very bright environment into something more intimate, personal.Anyway, there is no doubt that the best light is natural , but our pace of life and often work, do not allow us to enjoy it all that we wanted. For that reason we have to turn in many cases to illuminate our home the best we know and having very clear what you want to achieve with each bulb, bulb, lamp …


In the following lines I will try to give some tips that may help you choose a good choice and try to get the atmosphere you want to achieve in your home. Can you from this idea and then adapt it to your tastes and needs.


Illumination types

There are different types of lighting according to the space you want to give birth. The general lighting is the main source from which the light is usually generally above the eye sight. The light can come from a wall or from a lamp that is hung from the ceiling.

The spot light is usually placed on specific points of the room and usually has a great intensity . For example is a good choice for workspaces, because in these places need good lighting.


The ambient lighting is as the name suggests to create a particular atmosphere. Their main function is to decorate since there is usually a very powerful source of light. In this case, you can consider the design of the lamp, because its ultimate goal is decorative, not like the previous two it is important to illuminate well.

The last type of lighting is purely decorative. Is often used to highlight objects . A clear example of this type of lighting lamps are typically placed on top of the boxes to highlight their presence.


Some tips to consider

Although each area of the house clearly needs a type of lighting is important to maintain a line to give a sense of unity. That feeling of overall aesthetic is not just something that also is something that will prevent those uncomfortable spaces contrasts much or little enlightened.

As you can guess, the brightly lit with white lights and spaces give a sense of vitality, energy … and it’s in those rooms where you load the main activity of our home. We will have to choose where to put it properly, because it also can cause eyestrain.


A good deal of light

Earlier we mentioned that the overall light does not have to be very strong. But besides that, you should as far as possible, that light is distributed throughout the room and no shadows to spoil the aesthetics of the room believe. Some experts also generally recommended that general lighting can be switched off and on from the entrance of the room.

Combination lights in large spaces

Especially in large enough space, you may want a combination of lights that I have explained above. For example in a room , you can put a light bulb usually a focal part in where we have the dining table and ambient light beside the couch which can help us to relax and create a more intimate environment.

According dispongamos as lights in the same space create different atmospheres and feelings. We can even use different light sources to create and separate environments in the same room. It is important therefore that each of them can be turned on and off independently.


White or yellow light??

In addition to the types of light is important to properly choose the color. Although it may seem very logical or unimportant, it is necessary to choose the best type of light for each space. The yellow light t ransmite warmth, tranquility, serenity … white light, however, are recommended for space with lots of activity and need to be well lit.

Lighting in closets
Sure we will soon happen that a house must have a lightning and it seems completely logical to think about how we can do it . But perhaps we would not have crossed his mind, which can also be very practical illuminate a closet. Having a closet with enough light makes find things much faster.

There are various ways according to their size. One option is to place a fluorescent tube in the top of the cabinet to illuminate the most space possible. The other option, increasingly widespread and that some factory fitted and is incorporated place a f ew halogens at the top and focus to the areas you want to illuminate.






























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