The iconic chair with ottoman for relaxing

Developed in 1969 by the avant-garde Italian architect Gaetano Pesce for B & B Italia , UP5 has the test of time and critics had so far and has become an icon in the Italian furniture design. The designer chair with ottoman resembles a female, prehistoric Furchtbarkeitsstatue and completely suppresses the preferences of Pesce for anthropomorphic forms. The attached ball symbolizes the captivity. An illustration of women as prisoners and victims of male prejudice. “Big Mama”, as the chair was affectionately known, is considered an art and a milestone in the history of forms for the second half of the 20th century.

chair stool gaetano pesce italia stripes iconic

The dimensions 122x122x110cm remain the same, but the designs are very diverse. The new all-wood version is somewhat unusual in comparison to the design of polyurethane foam and fabric. The fact that the chair with ottoman in a single color as he is just as expressive in a variety of colors, is a testament to the artistic skills of Pesce. His ability to experiment with new materials, colors and shapes, its design over the years preserved.

chair stool gaetano pesce italian designer iconic 1969 classic


chair stool italia holzdesign pesce

chair stool italia red padded around

chair stool italia round shapes relax polyurethane foam

chair stool italia strangest upholstery

stripe chair stool italia modern device