The gray wall color – 43 Interior ideas

The gray wall color is no longer what it once was. Nowadays perceived all the nuances of this unassuming color in a whole new way. Grey is a sign of style and good taste. Practically speaking, it is a perfect choice for almost any interior Рit of not particularly striking and gives the possibility to stand out the furniture and the decoration. So can your efforts for things, the pleasant for you, set.

Artis table interior wall paint anthracite rustic furniture

A complete room design in grey would also be super stylish, have no doubt at all. Grey can be combined particularly well with blue and white. Any nuances such as charcoal and Dove are just as current and recommended.

Aristocratic interior fireplace wall color anthracite

The interiors have devised many variations Designer, where the gray wall color is a must. We suggest you to draw ideas from the best. Be creative and combine courageously! We believe that the personal handwriting is always striking.

attractive interior wall paint light gray yellow sofa

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