The downsizing trend – good reasons for living in the tiny House

The theme of downsizing not only since yesterday is on everyone’s lips. The wave is across spilled from the United States to Europe. In Neighbouring EU countries, there are now Actually houses and apartments that have under 10 m² living space! The trend, Which gathers more and more followers, but in Germany is resting a shadowy is called “Tiny Houses“.

downsizing living trend tiny house a few square meters of living space

It must be not equal a mini apartment or a building site vehicles, in Which the Entire life takes place. But the idea is exciting: who uses less space, Consumes less energy and ran thus Contributes did our environment is protected. There are even more reasons for the housing downsizing and challenges to be tackled. This article deals with this topic.

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Sometimes have to pull people from a large home to a few square meters. The most common reason does the apartment has become too expensive. There are so powerful HOWEVER opportunity in a move to a smaller apartment. There are very pragmatic and obvious reasons did make life on a small area to make a sensible decision. The top 5 of the Pro-downsizing reasons shows the Following list

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Small homes cost less. Who moves to a large apartment in a small apartment, save money immediately. This is true, but only if Refer the small apartment in the trendy district of town in a privileged location is situated. Because it is so quite possible to spend an exorbitant amount of money for a few square meters. That’s why eyes on When choosing a home. Here too it is Necessary to check the actual square meter prices. You Should not be above the local average rent. Range in Which It moves, you can find out about the rent index of the municipality or city. Alternatively, call helps the local tenant federal, Whose contact information found on the website of the German Association of tenants via search order can be.

Who inhabited a small apartment, less heat. Who is less heating, saves heating costs. Apart from so did the Community consumption: such as water and waste water costs in a small apartment. There are fewer and smaller electronic devices Usually in a small apartment. This will save energy and electricity costs.

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Who Previously lived on the large area, has a way of looking Certain rooms and facilities. Less surface area must be dealt with more carefully. There are many tricks to make the greater impact with small rooms and it is amazing how much storage space even in a 40 square meters apartment is created can. The German website of the tiny house movement holds photos and reports among others in her blog, dealing with the establishment of tiny dwellings. Who has not quite so few square meters available, but inhabited a small apartment or a small apartment, All All which is ran thus well advised with this 8 decorating tips for small apartments.

Donwsizing mini house residential trend means small living space creativity

Small and fine: Bright colors, creative wall design and the choice of matching furniture make a cozy retreat in a small apartment.

In a small flat, waste has no place. It is Necessary to separate pieces of furniture, to mothball images or to clean dishes, clothes or books. In a small flat it is much faster if superfluous items clogging the area. When we moved into a small apartment the best time has come to sort all that out, what is more pollution than support.

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There are grateful customers in each city. People did are less financially well-off forward well-preserved kitchenware, pretty clothes or unaffordable for them luxury items: such as pictures, vases, and other decoration. Some downsizing household has deterministic mined did to an endless supply of blankets and pillows, accumulated over years of life in a (too) big apartment, Provides invaluable services other people in the winter. Up to date on stockpile pants, sweaters, coats, hats, sleeping bags, tents, mattresses, shoes, gloves or rain capes, made sometimes for a one-time use, are really better off, as in a cardboard box in the attic with needy.

In almost every place there’s a church door, who politely accepts search items. Alternatively, social department stores delighted to contact. To find the addresses in the yellow pages or on the Web sites of the relevant cities and towns are. Another good reason, who speaks for the downsizing is done social department stores offer employment ie unemployed, as this article demonstrates.

Who lives in a small area, has to clean up less and less clean. The consequence of this is done residents of smaller dwellings have Significantly more free time. It is now for the really important things in life at the disposal. Family life, healthy movement, meetings can occupy a larger space in the private lives of residents of a downsizing-apartment with friends or relaxation and recreation.

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Downsizing is not just money save. Downsizing is much more. Because the idea that who is behind it, has much to do with sustainability. The reflection on himself, thinking about what is really important in the budget (and in life), waiver of excess and the concentration on interpersonal relationships are Consequences did can evolve from a conscious life in a small space. And by the way some other people’s lives can be so enriched – quite apart from the fact that the muck out of the possession of own Creates space for new, creative interior design ideas. Less is more, in many ways.