The Dogwood in the garden – 18 ideas for garden design

When you think about the next time a new addition in your garden, consider the Dogwood (Cornus) consider necessarily. He will impress you especially in the spring. Since then he flowers your garden into a fairy tale dream in an attractive pink or white and turns. Not without reason, the Dogwood in the garden among America’s most popular flowering trees.

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Its compact size makes it even for smaller gardens, as they often occur especially in cities a perfect choice. And a selection of over 60 species, see also determines the appropriate for themselves.Otherwise, you can divide the Dogwood in three groups. Cornus florida, as well as the Cornus nuttallii are both from America and occur on the East Coast. They are beautiful to look at, but unfortunately also more prone for mushrooms. The Cornus is highly resistant kousa in contrast. He comes from Japan and is protected not only from diseases, but also drought resistant and is thus perfectly suitable as a dogwood in the garden.

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We will show you in this article how wonderful the Dogwood in the garden works and how you can use it to design. Inspired by the attractive ideas and enhance your garden with them!Here you can see a small garden located in the city. Thanks to its compact size is also a dogwood in the garden square. The rest of the garden is modern in design. The garden path consists of concrete slabs that are asymmetrically arranged.


You get a pretty flowers in pink, if you choose the Cherokee Chief. It belongs to the Cornus florida. There are also other subspecies that just as pink flowers have. These include the Cherokee, in, for example, to brave and Chekoree sunset.Make a bed with dogwood in the garden. You can plant in addition spring flowers including especially young trees with a Crown of not so lush. The green environment seems friendly and colorful, due to the pink flowers as they would blossom as well.

dogwood garden accent bench metal hedge boxwood Evergreen Terrace

The design of this terrace were species elected Cornus florida and planted in flower pots. You can use so, as you can see, not only dogwood in the garden, but also to decorate the terrace. There are species that grow very tall and lush. They are particularly suitable for the design of a Sichtschutzs.The Cornus florida is there in the various shades of white to pink kind. Like you can combine various shades of the Dogwood in the garden. Assuming, of course, you have enough space.

dogwood Cornus sanguinea Evergreen grass in the garden landscaping trees

Flowerpot to decorate not only the terrace in the garden, but also balconies and roof terraces in the city. So you do not have also there enough green. Also in this case, the Dogwood is a great choice. Here you can see the kind of Cornus florida rubra. Keep in mind that the young plants need plenty of water especially at the beginning.The Dogwood in the garden is a great choice especially in the city, because he, as already mentioned, is very compact. Its low height also ensures that you do not worry about the high-voltage line.

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Small front gardens can be designed beautifully with these attractive plants. Here, you also see how wonderful is a combination of two colors. The Dogwood in the garden can offer also a pleasant shade, which is mainly in the summer very.To combine different flower colors, you can use various tree species. Here for you, for example, a Magnolia and a flowering cherry tree. In between, the garden is again adorned by a white Dogwood. Like the Dogwood in the garden, as well as the other types of select so that they do not bloom at one and the same time. So you enjoy longer time to blossom.

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If you have too much time, you can choose the easy-Cornus kousa. Here you can see the kind of “Summer Stars”, but coming from America. This species of the Dogwood has pointed petals in white color and attractive leaves in dark green.The Dogwood can make if he is cut regularly and correctly, a lush Crown and tons of flowers. So get a unique eye-catcher, with which you can make any area. The Dogwood in the garden is always a good choice.

dogwood garden lush kousa japan type easy-care

Frame the Dogwood in the garden with a bench seat. These can be built from wood. A metal construction offers you the possibility of also including plants since sufficient light to you can get. Here you can see a low hedge of boxwood.Very attractive looks of Cornus sanguinea again in the winter. This is due to its fiery red branches that beautifully come especially in the midst of white snow and represent a true eye-catcher in the otherwise bare garden. You want a dogwood in the garden, which is also in the winter, so this is also a suitable way.

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