The Best LED Light Bulbs more than 50 years-that Can Last

Method by Which He Arrived at the result: just like the father or in case of vacuum cleaners, has not tried to invent Another bulb, but He studied the problems existing on the market in this time, and, When the combined technologies and existing solutions , That has created a product brings together the best-in-class features: elegance, power, small, sustainability.

Cooler LED Light Bulb

We live in a world where are the bulb is a consumable and you buy Without HAVING to seek a lot, as we buy on a daily basis from . Although it involves spending Quite a large Ling of life at an object to be from perspective Replaced, and energy consumptions, artificial light is a party at important life and our work, we charge no more think too much about it. Simply buy the bulb and hope the next Shall Be, not misleading labels.

A product created to solve the problem
New Dyson LED lamp to His tag is not in the true sense of the word Invention year. After the description of Jack for more than 1 year and a half, all I had done to distribute WAS His laboratory design and the Apply the thermal and electrical testing various LED lamps and lamps on the market, the when the quest Solutions to Improve Them.

Dyson CSYS desk lamp

The Biggest problems of the present, LED fixtures in Dyson’s view, related to cooling and lack of consistent testing of manufacturers to Improve this situation. From His point of view, the leading manufacturers invest a lot more time into researching the new package design, December Improving the product in Itself, so the GRE, year after year, has Launched as bad products.

The main problem with overheating LED bulbs Is That over time ends up affecting LEDs and change the color of light, a pattern being useless, although the packaging is said to have the HIGHEST life expectancy of All types of light bulbs on the market, Which Would be true, if HE had incorporated and cooling solutions.

Dyson has found the solution together with Specialists in computer technology, use wire Which You Need chill. (Power LED is a semiconductor.)

Cooling system similar to the one built into your laptop
Cooling LED lamps are the evaporation and condensation based on the of the fluid in a closed system, as well as cooling systems Used by our laptops.

jake Dyson's Little Design Firm

THES has cooling tubes made of high conductivity metals, Such as copper, indoors and has a small quantity of liquid. The liquid in contact with the heat captured by the tube in the area to be cooled, it transforms into vapor. Ferry to the cold end of the tube, where are encapsulated and turns back into the liquid cold,  too hot Areas, due to the difference in diameter along the tube or gravity, to absorb the new amount of heat.

Thanks to very intense and repeated transfers at the two ends of policy That system, the cooling tubes are very efficient thermal conductors, passive.

LED light bulb 'lasts more than 20 years

So Dyson Went to the leading manufacturers of computers and politician know-how to create a similar system for cooling the lamp, Which He integrated into a horizontal layout.