The Acapulco Chair designer for the Interior – history & ideas

Perhaps you have heard from the Chair Acapulco or seen him at least once. This currently trendy Chair is Actually a model from the 50’s and 60’s, Which has much light already Recognized you on the design. How many items and designs from the past is also this designer Chair strongly on the rise and as the Eames chair a popular piece of furniture for the interior design.

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We have some facts about the past of the Acapulco Chair, as well as ideas for the facility for you.
As you can imagine it, the designer has to do with the popular resort of Acapulco Chair. Namely, this Mexican place was a popular tourist destination in the 50s and 60s. Many celebrities spent Their holidays there, so Including Jackie and John Kennedy during Their honeymoon. Liz Taylor, in turn, chose this place For their wedding.

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It is said that a tourist from France in the 50s visited so the place. When he what auruhte, on a solid chair it hot uncomfortable. A look at the obvious, breezy hammocks that were typical for the Maya, then Brought him on the idea of a similarly breezy chair design, All All which is perfectly suitable for the tropics.

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Whether this legend is true now or not, the fact is that the designer chair Which built in the 50’s and Quickly became a popular piece of furniture in Mexico. Usually, the Chair consists of a metal frame did is covered with taut string made of vinyl. The form again a little reminiscent of a pear. While he did what used at time Mainly for the exterior, he is now a trendy piece of furniture for indoor use.

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The pear shape what later converted again by designers. So, rounder variants, two-seater or Those originated from leather. All in all links of the Acapulco Chair designer exoticism, modernity and the glamor of the stars. Check more ideas for designing rooms with attractive Chair.

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The designer is not only Chair Offered in neutral colors. He has chosen is even very often in a bold color to put an interesting color accent. Very good pieces of furniture can be combined with the modern floor lamps above, Whose stand were inspired by the Chair with a similar design with him.

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In the cold seasons, it can be even inside something to airy Chair on the designer. In this case, he can are adorned beautifully with a blanket or a stylish fur did has evenly as a decorative effect. A pillow promises additional coziness and home makes the Chair.

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