Texture Spring-Summer Collection 2013

We finally welcomed good spring temperatures, time in the sun, increasing daylight hours and open houses abroad are the real stars and where the streets, storefronts and homes are filled with freshness and color.  To mark the arrival of spring, texture proposes Be Yourself Interiors, a collection so we can wear our home creating our own style. Ocean, Rogri, Pripo, Puc, Cabin, Only Fitvh and different lines are created for each of us to find inspiration. Want to learn more about the new collection of texture Interiors for spring-summer 2013?

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Collection Details
As you can see from the pictures, texture Interiors has been based on the use of a wide palette of colors, have a place where both traditional neutral and pastel tones, to more modern and daring proposals, such as fluorescent colors. Of course, you can find classic and elegant garments and other with a certain casual and daring, using appropriate materials both for the new season, such as cotton, linen, satin or satin.

Be Yourself Lines
The new collection of texture fabrics Interiors introduces new models by combining different colors of threads that will add a touch of refinement to the different rooms. For its part, the model Rogri, which is inspired by the north coast of Scotland, combining stripes and plaids in reds and grays, while Compliment a more feminine line, making the colors of fluoride as a base for the bedding , combining with floral prints.
As you can imagine, Ocean evokes everything related to the sea and the beach. So, bedding, blue, comes with sailor stripes, wind roses and sailboats. For Puc, find moles, stripes and checks, resulting in simple games and feminine prints.


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Texture living room

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