Suitable plants for dark locations

Even if you properly maintain your houseplants, their growth could slow if they receive enough sunlight. There are many rooms that are very dark and unlit. The good news is, there you can grow pot plants – which later evolve listed namely in dark locations.

Aspidistra houseplants for dark locations bottomless pot

Syngonium podophyllumе is a decorative foliage plant, which grows in low light. The ideal location for this is a window sill to the North. In direct sunlight, its foliage is pale and lifeless. The Earth, you should fertilize regularly and keep moderately moist.

Aspidistra houseplants for dark locations

In the Victorian era Aspidistra was eliator almost in every restaurant and Pub. To survive, because of their ability in low light, this plant was later named “the unflappable flower”. You can grow them in a flower pot. The potting soil should be fertilized regularly. From late spring to early summer, you keep the soil moderately moist and once in a year, let it wither completely between two irrigations. Water-soluble fertilizer to use here.

interesting foliage pot plants dark space

This plant is known for its remarkable leaves and in addition to the Dim light, she likes the low humidity. The Dieffenbachie needs little water, so don’t overdo it with the watering, otherwise the roots will rot on. The plant is toxic and harm open wounds.

Dieffenbahcia houseplants for dark locations

Regular watering needs, but let you completely wither cm for a the top 6-7 before you water again. Their roots can rot easily, therefore observe the amount of water. From spring till autumn you fertilize this plant weeks in 2-3 with universal, water-soluble fertilizer. Constant pruning will keep fresh the Ivy tute.

Dieffenbachia flower potted plants dark locations

foliage dark location houseplants

ivy institutions rustic look

tute ivy houseplants for dark locations

white green foliage dark locations