Stylish Home Office Designs

Those who work at home often look forward to having a more intimate setting away from the bustle of the rest of the house, where you can focus and write quietly. You do not have much space for this inner sanctum , just a bright corner , allowing us to have the right chair, the table of the appropriate size and shelves to place dossiers, journals and reference books.


I have selected a few offices, located in excellent locations for anyone bothering us and not bother anyone. See what you think.



The release opens the input is only a table under the window , so that the natural light provechar maximum hours possible. Once again the black and white duo , which is so useful and can break with details in bright colors (though not in this case).


In the second office has been devised in the attic of a room with high ceilings. It is an excellent solution to get high high ceilings. not remove living space and visually, being only a small piece and if you have small (or big kids ) can watch them while you play at the bottom.
In this third space, sa has used a shelf to the workplace . A hit the carpet under the wheels of the chair, to protect the park and it is a workspace very clean, simple lines , but decorative and needless “enconder”.


Finally, make the background a corridor with a window or narrow little room to take the desk and all. It is an excellent idea. Many times we find these rooms with sloping ceilings with s not really know what to do and here with shelves and drawers white light multiplies and is ideal for work. The pretty paper around the window and the carpet in the same colors as well as crystal chandelier give the female point.

home office furniture images

What do you have like? How do you have the place where you work normally? It’s in a bright spot, perfect for an office.


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home office ideas pictures

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