Spanish tiles in stone effect wall and floor

Porcelanosa is a global leader in manufacturing and sales of tiles, kitchen and bathroom products. They strive to lead the industry to be by offering innovative designs of unparalleled beauty and uncompromising quality. Porcelanosa group that made ​​us exceptional porcelain stoneware floor – have introduced Optics PAR-KER, a further innovation have added to their collection – the tiles in stone look STONE-KER.

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The Ston-Ker tiles for walls and floors mimic natural stone and artificial surfaces such as metal. The tiles are suitable for internal and external application. Anti-slip options are perfect for patios and pool area.

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The tiles of the Stone series feature the decorative elegance of porcelain or the rough stone look if unglazed. Over 40 different floor tile designs are available in different colors. The Ston-Ker tiles are 10-12mm thick, which is an extremely high breaking strength guaranteed.

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Porcelanosa is actively engaged with the issue of environmental protection and try to minimize impact on the environment. The entire structure of Ston-ker Ecologic is made from broken tiles, resulting in a product that contains more than 95% recycled material.

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But these tiles in stone are indeed durable, versatile and environmentally friendly, but it also provides an authentic look and decorative finish.

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