Sound system DIY

An innovative and original stereo “organic”, where the sound passes through the bamboo that users will grow, changing and improving itself with the growth of the plant.


It is one of the friendliest and most original ideas in which we came across, because it combines technology, nature, use the passive component of active engagement, an invitation to be patient and to look at things transform lives, day after day. And even if the functionality and sound quality are perhaps not 100%, especially at the beginning, surely it is an object that can not fail to attract the attention of everyone in the house.

What’s this? A stereo or sound system if you prefer called Forsta , where the element that amplifies the sound is made ​​up of bamboo alive and well . And the more the bamboo grows, the more the sound quality will be good, the more the sound will be defined, and the more the volume will be high.


A little ‘provocation, a little’ concept, this idea is definitely on the echo that brings people closer to nature in a fun and original. And if an audiophile might initially turn up their noses at a “system” of this kind, the magic of the organicity of the “boxes”, their slow growing and slow to define the sound , it will be a unique sound, different for each “installation” can not fail to conquer it.

The idea is the young designer Jocko Chan , and aside from the fact of having to approach a little ‘too much with the water sources of electricity to wet bamboo, really do not see contraindications to such an object, which we feel is also suitable for introduce children to the world of nature and music.