Some cool ideas for shelves of wine boxes

many people experiment in setting up their home. You opt for alternative materials, which are not very characteristic or until now at all not have been used. A good example of this is the shelf from wine crates. It is extravagant, looks fantastic and is also very cheap. If you have unnecessary wine boxes, you can find a practical use like this for them.

colored wine boxes wooden bookshelves

The shelf from wine boxes may appear E.g. as super matching part of a rustic decor. It is particularly suitable for vintage-style décor. It can be used as an accent in the room and with security, it attracts all the attention on himself.

Furniture from pallets shelves bookshelves wine boxes

If you have still no idea, just a shelf made of wine boxes in your home look like would, to look to the picture gallery we have created for you,. There will find surely some inspiration! Have fun!

Bookcases wine boxes wooden vintage bedside functional

Furniture from pallets souvenirs starfish wine boxes shelf white

Furniture kitchen shelving dishes flowers from pallets

Hanging shelf wine boxes record

Hanging wine boxes shelf cord creative beautiful

Images bookshelves wine boxes vintage atmosphere

Office creative idea shelves wine boxes books

Scandinavian interior wine boxes wooden shelves figures souvenirs vases black and white wallpaper wooden stool newspapers

Shelf potted plants wine boxes

Shelf wine boxes ceramic crockery container

Shelf wine boxes potted plants antlers fox image radiator

Shelf wine boxes rustic driftwood branches books picture antler chandeliers

Shelves of wine boxes books bottles photo alarm clock

Shelves of wine boxes souvenirs wine bottles books

Vintage furniture from pallets books

Wine boxes bookshelves lanterns

Wine boxes shelf books souvenirs

Wine boxes shelf jars potted plant blackboard

Wine boxes shelf potted plant books vintage cool idea

Wine boxes shelves jars eating sweets

Wine boxes shelves wooden tableware porcelain shabby chic style orchid

wine boxes wooden bookshelves blue mini cactus

wine boxes wooden shelf photo flowers

wine boxes wooden shelves books reading lamp musical instruments