Solid wood tables for dining room

If you are thinking of putting a wooden table in the dining room, here are eight inspirations to help you choose a model, but also to combine with chairs and lamps. The industrial style is imposed, and for that you need the strength and beauty of a good Solid wood table. Above: updated version of the classic rustic wooden table, lightweight aluminum legs with subtle white on which hangs a magnificent Murano glass chandelier. Design of the Italian Lake .  Spectacular industrial style kitchen, designed by the study Egue & Mushroom, with a table of boards to match the furniture in the kitchen.

Option for the dining table, antique wood, accompanied by metal chairs for you have chosen a pair of lamps aluminum and anthracite gray carpet.  Sturdy wooden table, antique finish, legs and lower cross-U. To alleviate the appearance of the table chairs were chosen aluminum tubular structure.  Two wide natural wood planks on legs black iron plate are the only elements of this beautiful table, surrounded by chairs Wishbone (also known as Y chair), designed by Hans J. Wegner in 1949. Lamps, in this case, are in black lacquered aluminum to match the legs. Project Abaton, with table of Batavia, from which also the rest of the furniture.

More optimal as desk, this table has a solid wood legs made ​​original rebar. Industrial stools, as it has no support, give prominence to the table whatsoever. Via: Environment Furniture.  For this round design with cross legs, it was decided Eames chairs and a white raffia lamp, that give life to this modern kitchen. Via: Home Life.

Finally, we show this design with wooden and sheet iron legs, surrounded by a work bench and two small stools carpenter. After this selection, it is clear that the industrial style and natural wood are an excellent pairing.