Snog Covent Garden Design

 For their fourth frozen yoghurt outlet in London, Snog asked Cinimod Studio to design a new high-end interior environment. The original design concept evolved around the idea of a perpetual British summer , hence the grass floors, floral graphics and digital sky ceilings. It is located at 5 Garrick Street, the site was one the location of an apple store dating back to the 1860’s. This provided the inspiration for the contemporary design, in which a modern day orchard of trees reach up towards a sky canopy of perpetually animated light, gently pulsing and swaying in the imagined breeze of an idyllic day. As the design progressed further inspiration was taken from the surreal world of Alice in Wonderland, exemplified by the glossy abstract forms, resembling tree trunks made from dripping frozen yoghurt, that grow out of the white glass walls