Small garden in the back yard – 50 modern design ideas for the city Villa

A secluded garden invites you to relax – that wishes you with certainty any hobby – gardeners. And even on small or narrow plots, it is possible to make a small haven of peace. Because a small backyard garden can offer everything – privacy, comfortable seating, and of course many plants and flowers. This 88 space-saving design ideas are definitive proof of this!

Little garden Feng Shui garden

The exact planning of the garden is the first step to success – first created a sketch, then will the land into zones divided – here are the site from the terrace, the swimming pool and the flower beds determined. Only then the style can be determined – Mediterranean, modern, nature garden and formal design.

Bamboo small garden gravel paving stones


A small garden in a Mediterranean style to the example Gives the backyard exotic touch. With citrus trees in planting pots, matching Visual and sun protection and of course Ivy on the garden wall / is made of natural stone, / the terrace given completely new look. And so the whole family likes to stop outdoor, still a small narrow pool can be installed. Then, the fun for adults and children is guaranteed.

Make small garden pavers lawn trees

A garden must be made above all practical. Not crowded and messy effect, can the hobby gardeners give up flower beds and instead plant the garden wall, and accents with potted plants. Who chooses to simply bring in summer the houseplants to outside and to arrange terrace/garden path. Get ready! More charming examples of the design for garden design in various styles, see the photo gallery below.

Make small river courtyard garden stone

Modern small garden design ideas

Plan small garden deck pavers

Small garden backyard balcony plants ideas

Small garden backyard climbers Roundtable

Small garden backyard Feng Shui pot plant

Small garden backyard fire Pit exotic plants

Small garden backyard natural Stonewall ivy creepers

Small garden backyard of privacy Pergola floor tiles

Small garden backyard of vines grapes

Small garden backyard playground children

Small garden backyard pool garden bench hillside

Small garden backyard town Villa wooden fence planter

Small garden balcony plants make Baume

Small garden bamboo blinds backyard ideas

Small garden brazier flags gravel glass sphere

Small garden chairs lawn privacy

Small garden concrete wall climbers Lantern

Small garden concrete wall wooden fence Jacuzzi

Small garden create backyard patio pool

Small garden create Baume yard artificial turf seating area

Small garden creating Japanese maple rattan chairs

Small garden decoration concrete buckets decking

Small garden design ideas gravel cobbles

Small garden dining cobblestones Lantern ideas

Small garden Flowerpot exterior decking

Small garden hanging Chair of beanbag Pergola

Small garden ideas backyard swing hanging Chair

Small garden make backyard pool grasses of ideas

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Small garden patio backyard city Villa

Small garden patio fountains modern

Small garden pergola wood metal modern

Small garden pergola wooden table natural stone tiles

Small garden plants create cozy sunbed

Small garden plants ideas cozy sitting area

Small garden pond natural stone tiles garden bench

Small garden raised bed Corten steel modern ideas

Small garden raised bed sheet steel pebbles flowers

Small garden seating area create design ideas

Small garden sunlounger natural stone ornamental grasses

Small garden wood patio furniture plants

Small garden wooden climbing fence garden bench

Small garden wooden floor cozy flags

Small garden wooden narrow backyard fence

Small patio ideas modern pool