Simple But Very Cozy Countryside House

The original 1976 house is located at the bottom of the field, with east-west orientation, which promotes privacy to the street and take advantage of views of the surrounding terrain achieving adequate ventilation, heat and light being. Remodeling design project in Mexico City, Lomas II House, designed by Paola Calzada Architects , part of the premise to create horizontal and vertical joints with the outside to produce the flow of spaces through courtyards, gardens and terraces. These bonds produce cross in every room views.

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The first major decision was to remove all existing excess elements to restore the original volume value of the house and allow the material to view. The contrast between existing and new materials, is a constant theme in the oeuvre. All volumetric addition enhances the existing structural values ​​such as lightness, openness and horizontality. Slabs, terraces and buildings that left over from the original structure to create patios and terraces were demolished. As an important gesture, the view of the surrounding environment, both natural and created from the design, patios, pools of water, gardens framed.

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The permeability of the translucent facades play an important role in the design of the house to weave interior and exterior spaces in social and private areas. The first level, public and private second level, are joined by a staircase and lobby elicoidal plan surmounted by a circular dome. Each room of the house, including bedrooms, has two windows allowing end-to-end view spanning the architectural volumes.

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Materials: The original and additional structure is apparent moves to create a contrast in the original concrete and new steel. All coating was razed to make time to view the structure in its natural state avoiding styles, favoring a more pure and timeless canvas. National Marbles (travertine, and St. Thomas) are found in almost all of the house except the master bathroom where the marbles are imported (Minsk and Arabescato).

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