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A classic piece of furniture has always showcase the furniture is elegant and unobtrusive and lends itself to be an extremely versatile container, ready to take things to put in sight or dishes to keep in order and protect from dust. The windows are available in different models, depending on the uses and style. There are one or more doors, with opening doors or hinged with latch mechanisms, and again with column structure or roof.

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If you want to show the content which can be seen through the glass of the doors, it is possible to equip the showcase spotlights that illuminate the exhibits, perhaps the opening of the door, or even pull-out shelves, to have the contents of the cabinet to reach hand when needed. If the contents of the cabinet showcase is to protect, better to choose a model also equipped with a key lock. In this way, the content will not be available to, for example, of the smallest of the house. This type of furniture can be made entirely of glass, only frame material with different, or with sides and top in other materials, among which the most common is the wood, especially in versions of the more classical style, but also metal or enameled .
The windows can be classic style but also extremely modern and current, depending on the lines and materials that distinguish them.
They are designed for items that contain, order and show.
House in a row of the window turns out to be a stand-alone piece, which fits in several areas: it can be installed near the area intended for the conversation and then hold books or objects and ornaments to be displayed, or it can stand next to the table and then change the intended use, resulting in a perfect cabinet for storing dishes and glasses.
Even if a piece is considered the most “classic”, in fact, playing with colors and finishes can be updated and harmonized even within a modern context.
Different Styles
Three models of windows, the ones that we have proposed in the images of this editorial, for three different styles.
Molteni, with mobile Steamer, offers a versatile and modern container for the home environment, to be used as a bookcase in the study, or as a comfortable and roomy cupboard in the kitchen, or as a window that contains and decorate the living room. The cabinet with glass doors, is fitted with a metallic facade lacquered in matt colors.

With its collection of tip Inglese Mood, Minacciolo, reads the timeless country style in a modern and refined to suit contemporary homes. Pastel colors and sober and elegant lines provide the warmth of the home, which becomes a place of sophistication in which the protagonist is the materiality of the wood, which stands out the function of each piece of furniture without falling ever in decorative excesses. Ideal for decorating the day, mobile showcase welcomes tableware and has six rooms closed wooden doors and glass. In the rooms you can place spotlights to illuminate the content. The knobs are oval-shaped, white ceramic.

The company’s passion Roberto Giovannini workmanship in wood carving and gives shape to objects for the room and the living room, echoing a variety of styles from the Renaissance to Rococo to Art Deco. A classic beauty, out of time and space, as for the showcase with four doors, with wooden shelves.

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