Seven famous designer chairs

Here are some of the chairs author best known in the world of design, and can currently be purchased and used in the setting of your home.If you are an interior designer, decorator or decorating enthusiast there are some designs copyright you need to know. For example there are certain models of chairs that have become famous in the world of decoration. Here are some:


Tolix chair. Tolix chair was created in France in 1929 by Xavier Pauchard, a French craftsman who is entrusted with the task of making steel furniture. After a long evolution, the Tolix chair is used in many areas of the home and thanks to its simple and compact design, can be combined without problems with wooden furniture. The simplicity of the Tolix chair allows it to be painted in different colors and complement it with cushions in different ways.

Panton chair. Panton chairs are easy to recognize by the simplicity of its lines and its original colors, which fit perfectly in a modern decor or art deco type. These were created by Verner Panton, a Danish industrial designer known worldwide for its modern furniture designs. The particularity of the Panton chair is that it can not distinguish where the start or support feet, being manufactured in one piece of plastic.


Bertoia chair. these were created by Italian Harry Bertoia in 1952. Despite having more than sixty years since its creation, remain unique design pieces regarding chairs. The Bertoia chairs are made ​​of a steel frame, which is made ​​with a series of framed metal rods. In addition he has a soft cushion padding ecocuero of different colors, which besides being a unique design, can be comfortable and practical at the same time.


Barcelona Chair. a classic of the twentieth century, created by architect and industrial designer German Ludwig Mies van der Rohe in 1929, with a subsequent redesign for production hub in 1950. chair minimalist design has a stainless steel polished with pillows or bovine leather cushions stuffed with polyurethane foam.


Tulip Chair. was designed in 1955 by architect Eero Saarinen, and is part of the Tulip line next to a chair with armrests, table and bench similar design. Along with other criteria, Saarinen had to solve the problem of multiple legs of normal chairs, so we chose to use a single central leg with a round base, and this eliminates the “visual chaos” achieving a simple and modern design .


Chair number 7. This is one of the most popular designs by Danish designer Arne Jacobsen Ant chair beside (Ant chair), the chair and Swan chair egg (Egg chair). It was created in 1955 under the name of chair model 3107, but is known as seat number 7. Comprises lugs chromed tubular steel, seat and back in one piece made ​​of curved plywood, varnished or lacquered different colors. The chair is very light and stackable.


Chair Eames Plastic Chair. This chair was designed in 1950 by Charles & Ray Eames couple for a contest designed furniture at low cost. It was one of the first plastic chairs, which has a wooden or metal structure that supports it. The way one-piece seat and back fits very well to the body shape. There are models with Armrest, hammocks and colorful diversity.


Great designs never go out of style, even some almost after 50 or more years remain a symbol of modernity and elegance, and continue to be used as decoration in a classic design to wear ultra-modern minimalist environments.

Leaf-Bar-Chair-by-Hyunsoo-Choi Leaf-bar-stool Leaf-Chair-by-Kenneth-Cobonpue