Rustic Wedding Decoration

Many weddings are held on farms, villages and rustic venues where contract catering and weddings can be extended into the wee hours of the morning. In many cases, these wedding decor looks very sophisticated, but we can prepare crafts for each centerpiece, for chairs and everything is in keeping with the rustic decor and economical because we can work around us.


For example, if the wedding’s going to celebrate in a country house itself or on a family farm, we can prepare the centers of the tables according to the trees and vegetation of the property, taking advantage of all those leaves, flowers and twigs that fall daily from the trees themselves. Accumulate those leaves for months to one week before the wedding, preparing handmade flower arrangements.
With esparto or raffia cord can prepare authentic rustic creations. For example, schools can prepare Esparto based, dry leaves and a candle radiates fat wrapped in earthy tones. Taking advantage of this wrapper evenings. We can prepare the decoration of the chairs in the same way and napkins along the same lines.
Chairs can go cloth linen thick as off-white fat and tones in browns and orange make a belt run to the chair, just hanging rope and rope until a thickness of 2 or 3 fingers combining the colors. The napkins can equal them on the plate and can accompany each napkin with a message for each guest.
The path marked by passing the couple to the altar or to the head table can be made in this line, skirting large clay pots with dried pineapple and mini bonsai, or mini olive trees that we mark the way. Simple and elegant detail.
Decorations themed weddings
Depending on the topic you have chosen the decor will in one way or another. Many people decide that their wedding is Ibiza, where all the guests dressed in linens and white, others decide that their wedding is Hawaiian, on the beach, scantily clad and with bright colors. There are also those who want weddings that marked trend, for example, a wedding type 80’s, weddings las vegas type, dressed … everyone chooses as you want to spend your wedding day and how to fulfill the illusion.

The truth is that is what the decor, the important thing is that this this line with the rest of the wedding decisions. Make it a simple wedding decoration if it is a minimalist wedding or a wedding with few guests, where the menu is also simple, the couple are close … However, if we prepare a wedding where the wedding protocol is the protagonist, sets wedding classics, great centerpieces … everything will be on that line. And besides that the decor is in keeping with the other elements of the ceremony, the couple should be comfortable, it should be your choice and feel the support and enthusiasm of all on that day, feeling that everything is perfect.



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