Round gabions high bed itself build – 20 ideas and tips

Gabions are gaining popularity, As They gene rally combine and offer a good alternative to the traditional massive masonry. A major advantage is the flexible, Relatively low cost investment and the Possibility of the gabions high bed, seat, to build a fence or wall itself. It can be Easily gemäß to your own preferences in fulfillment of a small or large, straight or domed construction.

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Gabions are in principle made robust, corrosion-resistant metal lattice, with rubble or gravel filled are. These baskets can be vary in size and are Arranged gemäß to the principle of building blocks. They are used in the construction of roads and landscape as fixing attachments, but Equally well suited to decorative, visually appealing and modern garden design.You can Easily create gabions high bed and replant later if you can not see what tips over. It can adapt to natural or compacted soil, fill the walls with stones and inside filling up later with planting substrates.

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Smaller raised beds are ideal for placement anywhere in the garden, accents, and let himself make it easier yourself. Our Tip: You decide for the first attempt for a little variation. For example, a raised bed with height of 50 centimètres requires a thickness of 10 cm. A Foundation is not required, but the base shoulderstand be stable. At the bottom of a rabbit wire is recommended to attach to roust the intrusion of pests.
The most difficult work When creating of gabions high bed, as with other stone construction methods, is the procurement of materials and transportation. Meanwhile, a delivery at at extra charge offers When shopping. You choose the style and grit of stones gemäß to the size. In our example, a grid with mesh size will be enough totally 5 X 5 cm. As a filling material we recommend in this case to use pebbles or decorative stones River, Which are used to fül a great eye-catcher.This kind of high bed comes in question rather than beautifying panel for round raised beds. To get a correct round shape, a bucket of Appropriate size or concrete ring would particularly well suited. If none is used, weed fleece or special foil Should be Placed on the inside wall.
A benefit for the plants in the gabions high bed is the additional storage of heat. Why should you choose accordingly suitable plants did are more drought-tolerant.

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An important point is to choose the correct type of wire. Strength and he hang out shakes total size of the design grid. Greater investment is the need for static fixing. The mesh size Should be large enough to Ensure ventilation and Nevertheless the filling may not fall off.
Gabions shoulderstand be designed not rectangular and chunky. By using the flexible malleable baskets can be varied form raised beds. Important to note is the average thickness, Which Should be between 20 and 30 centimeters. (The exact masses in large tanks are descriptive statically Calculated by experts.)
Before filled gabions are, Their baskets are FORMED, the area of ​​use gemäß to. The figures can be inserted into the exterior as building blocks and ran thus different forms. Straight or winding line, rectangle, triangle or vault – let your imagination unfold.The unfilled baskets are easy and can be created on the spot itself – place and fill it yourself. The filling material can be freely selected and this Creates different effects. With gabions, you have real freedom in the modern design of the outdoor area.Difficult to achieve is a really sturdy construction, in Particular the gabion walls between them hold on. So for this purpose Provide different systems – wire, screws or clamps. The gabions high beds burden not so great like this for securing of slopes, so thesis are easier to build.

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The filling material you can select Numerous optics and ran thus accents in garden design. To add a personal touch, are different ode filled the stones after large and Arranged form.You can bring a small herb garden in performance despite the small space. Raised bed in the shape of a spiral saves plenty of space and Ensures clear overall picture, and serves as a decorative Blinckfang. The herbs and spices are planted in stages and ran thus require less space.
The spiral construction Appears to be complicated – this raised bed strength of the gabions-walls is fixed in addition, was in order to Ensure stable. These elements are the best in underground and attached Positioned the same distance.

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To build gabions high bed itself is worth love especially for smaller areas and modern accents in the garden. The playful shapes That Could Easily be Brought into realization, Ensure few times eye-catching and individual radiation.In the Gabion baskets will be upwards always fine material filled with, if there are different types. In principle the stone type is as Desired after elected – stones, gravel, stone, lava stones, boulders, paving stones, bricks, broken glass, steel or wood gravel. Important is gemäß to choose so the grid fill.Gabion structures can form different shapes, Which are different inside and outside. For example a rectangular raised bed is in the inner part of the oval shaped and planted or hexagonal gabion withround pond inside. The result is a beautiful and modern picture did convinces with a playful design.

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