Retro look, industrial mix style and modernity – architect-designed house

a warehouse in the city district of Surry Hills, in Sydney, Australia What recently rebuilt by all Jack Cottier architects and right remarkably designed. In the typical loft style rooms are open and spacious. Be Sent retro look, industrial style and modern mixed to achieve unique living atmosphere.

second loft industrial terrace terrace doors clinker wall

Typical industrial style of the original building what keep and through the solid steel beam is easy to detect authentic brick walls. Furniture and wood accents of installing expansion cards retro atmosphere, while part of the facility is very modern in design. The house has a partly covered terrace, as well as small indoor garden under the glass roof. In the basement, there are leisure facilities – bar, separate smoking room, indoor pool and steam bath.

bathroom white organic shapes of wood planks dachfesnter wash column

A giant cocoon ‘Mancave’, what actually is the bedroom is at the heart of the living room on the first floor. Organic forms characterize the white figure made of carbon fibers and can be bound to look as a capsule to the ceiling. Inside the master bedroom with bath in the minimalist style saliva went itself, decorated entirely in white.

bedroom design white organic shapes cocoon bath

bedroom white bed indurekte lighting cocoon organic

retrolook industrial design bathroom black gold

retrolook industrial design bedrooms wood antler lamp

retrolook industrial design clinker wall smoking cabin forest

retrolook industrial design detail steel beams wood beam loft

retrolook industrial design roof glazing garden inside

retrolook industrial design steel beam lounge rust wood

retrolook industrial design steel beam rooflight modern glass railing

second industrial clinker style pool wood plank's wall

second industrial design bar indirect lighting

second industrial design dressingroom clinker wall cabinet

second industrial design flooring interesting dressingroom dark

second industrial design free period cellar basement

second industrial design leather belt black flooring

second industrial design patio doors warehouse loft

second industrial design pool outside shower wooden planks

second industrial design steel beam flooring roof glazing

second industrial design style mix living room bedroom

second industrial design style steel beams mix dining area

second steam room bathroom mosaic tiles white blue

Blend white organic shapes skylight design bedrooms

cocoon white organic shapes modern bedroom design

kitchen modern second industrial design stainless metal

hall plan house day industrial style old ware house

plan house rebuilding old industrial goods house style

plan house rebuilding old ware house basement cellar garage plan sideview house rebuilding old ware house bullet