Redecorating the dining room

Surely there will be times when we feel bored with the design of our dining room, if the time has come, then that’s when we have decided to redecorate our dining room. There are many beautiful ideas to redecorate the room, add accessories, change the paint color or rearranging the furniture positions.

Let’s make it easy with some tips to redecorate our dining room become more stylish. If you wish, you can add your tips in the comments form below.

Add carpet with colors that match with the wall color. Make sure you choose the carpet that is wide enough to accommodate chairs and tables.
Add accessory on the table, let’s say, wreaths, decorative candles, a glass bowl or vase of fruit can also be a beautiful choice.
If the wall is still felt empty, we can add artwork such as paintings or engravings. Do not be too large and select the motive of the painting or carving that does not interfere with our appetite when in the dining room.
Rearrange the tables and chairs position. This method is also effective for maintaining the cleanliness, the corners that are not covered because of furnitures, now we can clean it by providing a regular circulation.
Hanging lamps or wall lamps are the most effective way to change the style of the dining room as a whole. Place the wall lamps in the corners of the room to get a nice glow effect. If the hanging lamps is our choice, then placed it right above the table and height enough.
Below are 11 great example how to redecorate the dining room, the ideas are from Hulsta.