Recent trends in kitchens

Kitchens are always an ideal place to experience the decor and the distribution in our home place. Emerging trends in the world of kitchens opt for wood, find that the vintage touch is secured confirm that falls squarely art and all combined with a modern and sleek furnishings.

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He is checking from the beginning of 2012 and fully confirmed in the next edition of Eurocoucine in Milan (Italy), the best firms (even the most advanced of the market) recovered wood in order to achieve warmer atmosphere in the kitchen .

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Also, the vintage-inspired trend is one increasingly in vogue. Therefore, I recommend using a single soft tone (can be green, blue, pastel pink, etc..) For kitchen furniture with great shooters. Above, looks great when combined with hydraulic tiles.

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Countertops framework are also fashionable and are gaining ground in the kitchen. These countertops framework outlining the kitchen set to continue their journey through the sides of the base units. Even if another color, better yet, since an attractive and striking contrast, will create perfect to give dynamism to the kitchen.

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Countertops must overcome resistance tests worthy of the best marathoners and be easy to keep clean and in perfect condition for many years. To do this, the best happens to use synthetic materials, natural stone, treated quartz, steel and new ceramic thinness.

Furthermore, bells, ovens and plates boast modern bright, sophisticated aesthetic, but, above all, can boast new features, far more accurate and ultra-efficient.

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refrigerators and dishwashers are part of these latest modern trends. The new proposals are more dazzling, high functional support and a pioneering and bold lines.

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