Put houseplants as decoration in scene winter garden

We present you a minimalist house with Conservatory, where the houseplants are used as decoration. The House of mm++ architects is located in Viet Nam’s Ho Chi Minh City. The project combines modern architecture and nature.

Conservatory style kitchen exotic houseplant Palms

The House with winter garden has been built on a very small terrain. The limited living space should accommodate but a young family with three small children. The architects of mm++ had to give up a large garden that’s why – with much imagination, you have designed the garden in the House but. The building is divided into two volumes of construction – the first is home to the living room and the kitchen. The two rooms are seamlessly connected in a large living area. They are visually separated by a small winter garden. The winter garden consists of several plants in different heights. Two narrow but very long skylights allow abundant sunlight into the room. The bedrooms of the parents and the children are located in the second volume of the minimalist house with Conservatory.

House Garden floor skylight set grass Living

The project was inspired by nature – the indoor plants play an important role. Firstly, they serve as decoration, on the other hand they successfully replace the missing garden outside.In the end creates a pleasant atmosphere where you can relax after a long day of work. The entrance is also planted in accordance with the overall concept – here offer high tree bus plant privacy. The House with a winter garden is an excellent proof that modern architecture creates a relationship to nature.

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Dining room wooden bench plants upholstery Picture Wall

House white facade glazed lighting high bamboo plants

House with conservatory blueprint Composition

Housetop blueprint minimalist architecture

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Large bedroom fitted wardrobe white chocolate brown bed

Living gray green decoration conservatory minimalist interiors

Living room set skylights fitted kitchen green glass wall

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small kitchen houseplants create beautiful conservatory Idea

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