Pretty visualization small apartment with open spaces

present you the apartment of 48 square meters intended for a young couple. The apartment is decorated interesting, sunny and cheerful. A special feature of this apartment is that, unlike many of the smaller apartments, the interior design and offers space for overnight guests. The living room and dining room turns into a bed with a little creative adjustments. This modern sofa offers an additional benefit – probably not preugodan sleeping, but no one stays too long. Bedroom is located in a corner of the living room and can be closed with sliding doors – very comfortable and private.A small sofa at the entrance is perfect for removing shoes and add interesting colors in the interior. Somehow we think and here guests can sleep comfortably.

small apartment bedroom organization

The bathroom offers an interesting, modern, yellow decor with lots of shelves. Stan looks warm and welcoming – perhaps the least like kitchen cabinets, water heater located in the kitchen.

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