Potted Plants flowers in bedroom

Many people shy away from the place, by sleep to be filled with plants, because they fear vermin, and allergic reactions. But this is a misconception. While you should consider when choosing the planting on some things that are not relevant, for example in the living room or bathroom, but otherwise there is nothing against domestic plants in the bedroom. Quite the contrary: If the appropriate precautions and tips for planting implemented in the sleeping area, residents can benefit from the healthy properties of the plants benefit.


Planning and preparation for planting in the bedroom
Allergy generally react sensitively to the potting soil and not on the plants themselves, because here frequently colonize organisms such as molds, which can cause health problems. In addition, in some people Strong odors that emanate some plants continuously, headache and nausea trigger, which is unpleasant, understandably, not only in the bedroom. Therefore, highly scented should plantings in the sleeping area to be avoided and always ensure that the potting soil used is fresh, easy and without mold. The fertilizer unless of distress, should also not be too aggressive because this similar reactions as strong fragrances may cause.


Which plants are particularly suitable?
The basic rule is: plants with large leaves, such as large yuccas are ideal for the bedroom and are in stores or online almost anywhere. Buyer should pay attention to the quality of the plants, that is, the plants have just cope, have fresh and green leaves and overall left a vital, unwithered impression. plants of Ahrens + Sieberz example meet these criteria, because here on Fresh Great emphasis is placed. Likewise suitable are yuccas, Zimmerefeu and birch figs to make the bedroom become green. The positive aspect of plants with large leaves is primarily next to the attractive appearance, the additional humidification by an increased oxygen concentration. They also make the bedroom a place of rest and relaxation, because plants create a pleasant atmosphere and climate. Since most bedrooms rather belong to the cooler rooms in the apartment and is less heated there, care should be taken when purchasing new plantings, the plants tolerate these climatic conditions.

Potted Plants flowers in bedroom

Positive characteristics of plants
Plants perform photosynthesis under the influence of light, taken at the carbon dioxide and released oxygen and the air is cleaned with it. The evaporation of the humidity in the room plants contribute to create a pleasant and healthy climate by means you’ll sleep better. Only if there is a pleasant air in the bedroom, a relaxing night’s sleep possible. In addition, the decorative element is of green plants can not be underestimated, because plants look natural decorations, stylish and fresh.

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