Planting and Growing Bromeliads

The bromeliad flower is a botanical source of Bromeliaceae which hosts over 3,000 species plus thousands of hybrids. With only one exception to the rule, all other options bromeliads are native to the Americas. Pineapple is the best known of them all. To give you an idea, only in Brazil , there are more than 1500 species of this lovely plant.

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Contrary to the legend and what many claim and reinforce, these plants are not actually parasites. They are fully adaptable, both showing an incredible strength to survive. Furthermore, bromeliads still have numerous varieties of shapes and colors, pleasing the most different tastes and needs decor .

Divided into approximately 50 different genera, most bromeliads can be planted and cultivated in pots, and also tree fern trunks. The species grows in various soil types and needs some special care when it comes to their treatment: much like their roots wet so moderate, so we should always water them by following these tips. And speaking of water, know that although this species accustom accumulate fluid between their leaves, few studies were able to prove that these plants are not considered focus of the dengue mosquito. As for sunlight, we must take care not to let it hit directly on the leaves of plants, so clarity in dim light is ideal.


His fertilization should be done with great care and great care, since the plants are sensitive and absorb nutrients with total ease.

The bromeliads bloom only once in life and after that, the plant achieves a budding side that replaces the previous plant. Depending on the species, some exuberant inflorescence provide long-term, lasting months.

The cultivation of bromeliads is an activity considered very profitable. The quality of seedlings produced, especially in nurseries has superiority when compared to those that are native. In pots or other containers, gardens, trees or even on the floor, forming sets, bromeliads can make great success and featured attraction in tropical gardening and are feeling the most renowned landscaping projects.


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