Plant pond! More than 45 ideas!

The pond is always in the important part of the garden Because He can really beautify the whole garden! For this reason, you must plant your pond that. Because in this way, he wants THEREFORE always look very nice … In this article, we are you some ideas imagine how You Could planning your’s own pond!

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Certainly, there are many Actually pond plants and different plant species, Which are ideally suited for this purpose.

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There are some aspects to keep in mind that you may silently not have taken into consideration When Selecting the Correct pond plants but. It must be clarified in what depth the types you selected can thrive. Because in this way you will have the chance to thrive in your garden pond.

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Plants like bamboo (Bambusoideae), pampas grass (Cortaderia selloana) and miscanthus (Miscanthus Sinensis) are suitable for the coastal zone. You can frame your pond with this species. And one of the most important advantages of shore plants is the winter really Easily to leaving himself. HOWEVER, there are many pond plants did thrive in the border zone. Border zone Usually includes no more than 30 centimeters deep. Some of the most beautiful pond plants did you might prefer this zone and be ideal for your pond, are the feral (Caltha palustris), bog Primrose (Caltha palustris), Lopseed (Mimulus) and the Dragon Wurzen (Calla palustris). With synthesis plants, you can really Easily beautify your pond!

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If you want to plant your pond, you need to know that there are Actually Several plants, feel comfortable in the other deep zones. Ideal for the so-called shallow water zone (All All which is the area between 30 and 60 centimeters) -looking plants are great as rabbit Wurz (Acorus calamus) arrowhead (Sagittaria), needle bog rush (Eleocharis acicularis) and water Primrose (Hottonia palustris).

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