Patchwork tiles and earth’s sounds for an apartment equipment

patchwork tiles rear wall kitchen Scandinavian style knows

The Patchwork design in the form of tiles belongs to the favorite equipment ideas of the present. In the apartment which we would like to present to you in this article just this design belongs to the main elements of the interior arrangement.  However, the Patchwork tiles are only one of a lot of attractive decoration element in the equipment. The house with a floor space of 66 square meters is in Moscow in Russia and was formed by Geometric for a young family.

patchwork tiles grey dining area dining table wood accent-wound pendulum-shines

A special distinguishing mark of the house is the comforting atmosphere. This is reached, first of all, by the use of warm earth’s sounds and white surfaces. A combination of wood and white walls stretches through all spaces. This neutral organization brings the advantage with itself that in the course of the time arbitrary, smaller changes can be carried out so that the equipment becomes never too boringly. The equipment in the Scandinavian style with Patchwork to tiles and modern pieces of furniture offers comfort and lets the spaces spaciously and work variously at the same time. Colour accents find themselves in the midst of the warm earth’s sounds as well and yellow and light blue were chosen. 


patchwork tiles book shelf white furniture would wind standing lamp

patchwork television live-wound tiles sliding doors opaque glass patchwork tile living room shelves armchair yellow accent of color patchwork tiles bedroom built-in cabinet mirror retro armchairs patchwork tiles bedroom facility wall lining laminate bed knows patchwork tiles built-in cabinet wardrobe wood floor patchwork tiles children's rooms yellow blue grey furniture laminate patchwork tiles desk winding shelf window front of curtains earthsounds patchwork tiles entrance clothes seat built-in cabinet patchwork tiles input area beige brown mirror door patchwork tiles partition wood wall lining coffee table retro patchwork tiles rain shower head comfort decay bathrooms patchwork tiles seat range comfort sofa collage murals patchwork tiles wc organization beige white winding organization patchwork to tiles bath shower to glass shower-wound wash cabinet abeyance effect