Original Cake stand models

Maybe, everyone likes cakes. They are sweet, look tempting and be made out for positive events and occasions. You can choose between many tastes, colors, shapes and designs. On the market, there is a too large variety of them.

Cake Stand for Wedding Cake

But not only the design of the cake itself, but also the design of the cake stand is interesting. Typical materials for the preparation of cake are stainless steel, plastic, Crystal and cardboard paper. Recently, also the rustic copies are very up-to-date. There are also models of wrought iron, which look very elegant and refined.

black cake stand


The cake stands vary in colors, flavors. The design but can be so impressive that there is the possibility that it takes away the splendour of the cake. There are models that are suitable for wedding, birthday, anniversary or family reunion. There are also those that fit your interior well and can be part of your facility. If you are employed, you can create your own models and decorate it according to your choice. You can use paper, wood, semi-precious stones or simply assemble prefabricated elements. If you find no inspiration, look at our suggestions for cake and start with the organisation of your next wedding.

black cake stand with black crystals   Cake stand from wrought iron and glass

Cake stand in Green

Cake stand in milk Blue

Cake stand in pink with black dots

Cake stand in pirate stylistics

Cake stand in rock style

Cake Stand in Vintage stylistics

Cake stand made of stainless steel

Cake Stand Records

Cake stand swimsuit

Cake Stand with bands

Cake Stand with Crystals for wedding

Cake Stand with crystals in fresh paint

Cake Stand with flower decoration

Cake stand with fox Decoration

Cake Stand with inscriptions

Cake stand with lid

Cake Stand with Six Plates

Cake Stand With Two Floors

Cake was as light

Cake was made of crystal .png

Cake was made of frosted glass

Cake was made of metal and crystals

Cake was made of metal with pink base

Cake was made of metal

Cake was made of paper

Cake was made of porcelain with floral decoration

Cake was made of porcelain

Cake was made of wrought iron

Canary cake stand

ceramic cake stand

Chandelier with crystals for cakes and cupcakes

golden cake stand

Graphic cake stand

hölzener cake was combined with ropes

Homemade cake stand

Milk Pink Cake Stand

rustic cake stand

Simple cake stand

small cake stand in raspberry color

small cake stand

square cake stand made of wood

stylish cake stand in black

Unusual cake stand

Vintage Cake Stand

Vintage Stand for Wedding Cake

wooden cake stand