One-room apartment practical and nice set up

How can you stay beautiful with little effort and expenditure? Have you asked yourself already this? You have a one-room apartment and want to set up practical and beautiful? Here you will find ideas.

Flexible furniture for bed Studio

One-room apartment practical and beautiful set up -so BB´s goes!

Note produces some odds and ends when you set up your studio apartment. For example, the order of the furniture should be sensible and logical. If you have little space, each corner should be used perfectly. And so it works:


Simple and white loft bed

Flexible furniture

In smaller rooms, it is very, if you purchase a flexible furniture. You can for example space save, if you choose a foldable bed, or set up a sitting area with a pull-out ability, to also accommodate guests to the like to stay to be able to offer. Be open for combinations!

Studio One-room apartment

Less is more

Do less furniture in the room. If you stuff all your household in the living room in a studio apartment, it looks uncomfortable and farily. It is better if you air your apartment. Take only the most important furniture.

Watch out for many storage possibilities

Take practical shelves, offering plenty of storage space. Their one-room apartment is so straightforward and logically ordered, you have enough space for books and hobby items.