Night Club Designs

The original interior design was presented to connoisseurs club concept that teachers live studio located in Ploiesti, Romania. The interior of this place was original and unusual decor, becoming at the same time, a kind of response to fashion trends today, bourgeois way of life that is relevant to the Romanian capital Sky Club embodies the rich space, minimalist and conceptual trends that merge the lifestyles of the middle and upper classes of society. The place looks great, prestigious and just brilliant! Located in the heart of the entertainment complex, is designed based on the minimum concept forms to better highlight the origin of the room, its industrial past. Thus, the architects began to rebuild the structures modular structure, assembly, metal and glass substrate, obtaining new functional elements of the building – such as a sunroof and the original facade, facing directly to the center of the club – the main stage and pool.

















Source from: Sky Club