Multifunctional office desk has lots of modification options

We present an innovative concept that the office desk presents as a multifunctional piece of furniture. The Worknest project encourages an open office space and communication between employees. The idea transformed the office table in a variable system with many features.

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From experience, knew the designer Wiktoria Lenart that every desk in many different areas divided in his everyday life in the office. They wanted to be able to offer modification options for each area. The office desk therefore can be transformed quickly and easily depending on the personal preferences and needs. The office desk has lots of organization options that prevent chaos in the workplace. The staff are quick to designers themselves – not only that they can decide which modules can use them, they also determine the decoration. The furniture set includes the following component – a wooden table, room dividers and accessories. You can get both together and separately used. An element can perform several functions – the Room dividers / Screens can also act as a binder shelf.

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The office desk thrilled not only with its functionality, but also with an aesthetic design. The high quality of production and the resistance of the materials are a safe guarantee that the office table can serve for a long time. The plants play a major role in the design – it can serve as decoration and give the design a personal touch. The Worknest – design is for all creative souls who like to work in an open work, like to exchange ideas and communicate with many people on the day. The desk can also be used at home without any problems even in the Cabinet.

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