Modern terraced house with surprising interior garden

And Whether They succeeded. The style of the house can you describe as sleek and modern, while the courtyard and the Central main entrance still reminiscent of the historic home of yesteryear.

courtyard outside modern house

The House was pulled out by a lot of glass in windows. Thereby increasement the natural light and Increases the spatial feeling.  The staircase That the COO with the first floor of the House directs, is made from steel. It gives the whole an authentication key.

Library renovation rowhouse

The courtyard also runs through until the middle of the living room. From the living room you can thanks to pivoting doors to the outside run for a ray of Sun. The walls and floors are sober. The floors run through in the various areas. Also the doors are seamlessly incorporated into the walls. Both of These elements Contribute to the feeling of unity.

Large window design rowhouse

The bathroom Has A simple designs. Here you detect no Unnecessary frills. The wood and the lookout on the inner garden providence a calming feeling. The home library is bathed in the light thanks to the many windows. This apartment is modern, with respect for traditional elements. From the rooftop terrace offers a magnificent view of Seville.

Ash rowhouse sevilla

modern bathroom in a former townhouse

Between Floor townhouse in sevilla

Metal stairs in converted rowhouse

Outside Backyard rowhouse center sevilla

Terrace townhouse in Seville

terrace townhouse sevilla

yard contemporary house